2007-06-04 - 11:55 a.m.

I don't really have anything to say except that yesterday I cleaned our bedroom like crazy because I am, once again, getting eaten alive by some bug every day. No-see-ums. I hate them. Cleaning doesn't get rid of them...but at least I might have gotten rid of noseeum nests or something. They have got to go. I can handle a bite or two every so often but right now every part of my body, including my eyebrows, has big welts. Gah. Anyway, the part about cleaning the bedroom I found interesting? It was really, really dirty. Like the dirtiest room I have ever cleaned. I don't know why I never clean our bedroom.

I am getting my hair cut on Friday. I was trying to avoid having this done again in Spain because the one and only time I had it cut in Spain it took me fifteen months to grow it back to a point where I could actually think about doing anything with it again. It wasn't that the hairstylist didn't know what she was's just that I never spoke up when I noticed she was cutting big chunky layers and slicing my bangs diagonally. It looked GREAT after she styled it. I mean, really great. But I was never able to do what she did and so I just had big chunky (frizzy) layers with haphazard bangs for a long time. So this time, this time I will say no layers, no fancy stuff...just cut off the nasty parts and fix my drunken bang attempt from a few weeks ago. After my haircut we are going to curry night. Yay! Eric has a crush on the woman that is running curry night.

Also, we took the bus to Sitges on Friday. We ended up getting a rental car to replace our smashed car...but by taking the bus we could both drink beer all night (we both needed to get a little tipsy I think, our nerves are on spazzle mode right now. So we took the bus and it was so NICE that I am extremely pissed off at myself for not having been using the bus the entire time I've been here. I expected usual chaos...but it was nothing like that. It cost a euro 20 to get to Sitges and if we had taken the bus home too instead of getting a cab (it was too late for the bus) it would have been less expensive than it is when we drive down there and park. Way less expensive. that it's tourist season, driving to Sitges is a nightmare. Sometimes it can take half an hour to go where it normally takes five minutes. It's annoying to drive through that. So I think we will just take the bus to Sitges for the rest of our time here. Of course, there are times when we will need to take the car...but I hope those are few and far between. As for me, I've decided that I am not driving here anymore. So the bus it is for everything.

Eric and I are planning lots of little trips. This is a pretty clear indication that we are leaving Europe. We have lots of places we haven't visited yet and lots of places we want to revisit. Milan, Dublin, Geneva, Paris, Prague, Provence. This will be fun and I will be so airplaned out by the end of this summer that it's likely I will never fly again once we reach the United States.

I've enlisted a Realtor...I hate realtors. I'm already all pissy about this one because she keeps writing e-mails telling me how much she and I are alike. Yuck. I mean, it's fine that we have similarities, but I don't really care and it's not going to help her sell us a house. So shut up, eh? All I really need her for is to unlock houses when we make our crazy home search visit. I am tempted, very tempted, to get my real estate license just so that I never need a realtor again.

Oh that's all.


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