2007-05-25 - 1:18 p.m.

Amusing and Disturbing.

Amusing. These t-shirts are hilarious. I stand around a lot reading the t-shirts in various stores around here because they never, ever make sense. "Nice Puppets" has got to be my most favorite yet.


Disturbing. These frickin ham legs are all over the place in Spain.


Even more disturbing. Eric came home last night after flying back from Germany and he found this article in the Spanair magazine which is on ALL their planes. The english translation reads, "Nevertheless, there are cases in which they are allowed to travel with passengers, like guide dogs, that travel for free when they accompany blind or deaf and dumb people." The entire translation is pretty funny, (Exceptionally, and as long as they are properly tied and they don't cause any trouble...????) but they should probably be aware that their translation of "deaf and dumb" is not nice.

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