2007-05-15 - 6:16 p.m.

Why am I such an airplane spaz? Why?

I leave in the morning.

I did not sleep last night. Okay, maybe for one hour at the most. But mostly I just wandered around the bedroom and listened to my cat breathing.

So I should be way tired today. But I am not. Instead I am just chewing on my fingernails and trying to start projects that will keep my mind off the stupid airplane. Fortunately the airplane departs after noon so I will be able to drink through it. The flight back to Barcelona, however, is in the morning and nerves be damned, I won't drink in the morning.

But hey, tomorrow I will be eating delicious bread and exploring new grocery stores!! I am very excited.

And instead of my original plan...I am just leaving my cat at the vet. Because I got all nervous about comas and organ failures.

Poor cat. Two days in a cage. But at least I won't come home to him bashing his head against the floor. Eh?

Anyway. Things are looking up. I am 99% certain that by the time I come home on Friday we will know where we are going and when we are going and that will be MUY helpful to my mental state.

Today my pet store guy told me that Eric and I are his most loyal friends. I am going to be really sad to leave my pet store guy.

That is all.


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