2007-05-14 - 12:59 p.m.

I was hungover all day yesterday. I don't know why that happens to me. It wasn't like I drank a huge, abnormal amount of alcohol or anything like that. But every time I go out in a social situation and drink alcohol I get a hangover. It either has to do with nerves, loud music or the cloud of cigarette smoke that hangs over these events. Or maybe it's all three. Anyway. I was sick all day yesterday and was on the couch for twelve hours straight. I watched two movies and then three back to back episodes of Grey's Anatomy. It was a really pathetic day. By the time I went to bed I was disgusted enough with myself to set my alarm for early morning and I had berated myself enough to believe that I would wake up and accomplish something today.

And I did wake up early...but without the alarm because of course there was a big storm last night and it knocked out our electricity for hours. So I woke up and just laid in bed for a few hours because I am unable to even fathom getting out of bed if there isn't coffee available. And the only way I would have been able to have coffee this morning was if I made a fire and boiled the water that way. (which I have done before) But I just didn't have the motivation to do that. The electricity finally came back at noon I am coffee'd and happy now.

Anyhooo. I am most likely going to Germany on Wednesday morning. I am anxiety stricken and, at the same time, very happy to be going away. I haven't been anywhere in eight months and that is ridiculous. The not having been anywhere in eight months also contributes to my anxiety strickeness...the last time I went away for a few days I came home to find my cat smashing his head against the floor and had to rush him to the emergency vet. Now he not only still has the problem that caused him to bash his head against the floor, but he now also has diabetes. So I am terrified to leave him but I also don't want him in a cage at the vet for three days. So I think I've finally come up with a reasonable way to handle this. As long as Alex (Eric's friend) is available to help me. In any case, the cat will still have some time alone in the house and I will be freaking out the whole time I am gone. It is good to know that the next place we live will have better options for me concerning the cat.

On Friday, when I get back from Germany, we are going to Sitges for beer and curry!!!! Finally one of the English pubs in town has decided to take the curry situation (that situation being that there isn't any) into their own hands and they are hosting Friday Curry nights now. Ten euros for all you can eat. I am very excited. Last Fall things were looking up around here because one of the kebab places started making Indian food on the weekends for takeout and for two weekends in a row Eric and I had blissful beer/Indian food/movie nights. But then just as suddenly as they were there...they were gone and I have been without spice since then.


Oh, the bird. The bird, as far as I know, flew away sometime during his fourth night in the bushes. When I went out to check on him he was gone and his parent bird was no longer swooping and screeching at me. So I let the cats out and they were happy and that is good.


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