2007-05-11 - 2:49 p.m.

Bird three.

He's still in the bushes. Which prompted me to spend the morning trying to figure out what kind of bird baby he is and whether or not I should be worried. I am pretty sure he is a blackbird baby because the bird that keeps coming to feed him is obviously a male blackbird. And from what I read it is the male that will take care of the babies if they are out of the nest. His being in the bushes appears to be normal and this shouldn't go on much longer. I am thinking he is about 12 days old and that means he will be able to fly at any moment. Anyway. Here is a picture of him. He was out on the outer branches so I was able to get a quick picture of him without scaring him to death. I've been, for the most part, trying to stay away from him. But he happens to be in a place that I have to walk by rather frequently in my daily life. Hopefully he doesn't become too trusting of me.

the baby bird living in the bushes

It's nice to have this bird distraction because these days have been difficult lately.


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