2007-05-10 - 4:55 p.m.

Bird two.

The baby bird is still out there. But he changed his position over night. This morning I went outside to make sure he was gone before letting the cats out and I saw no sign of him in the bushes and that crazy mother bird wasn't screeching at I thought it was safe. Crazy mother bird started screeching again fifteen minutes after I let the cats out and I surmised that her nest must be in my yard and that she was only yelling at us because of that. This continued for a couple hours. Crazy bird screeching shreds my mind. Finally I went over by the pool to check on Bear (who jumps over the wall every day for a couple hours of solitude) and I accidentally bumped into the bushes and heard a baby bird squawk and yes, there he was. Little grumpy bird perched on the branches across the yard from where he was yesterday. So I gathered all the cats and the mother finally shut up and she's been sitting on the wall for the entire day chirping away to her baby. I have to assume that the baby bird fell a little early from his nest and cannot fly yet. Because his mother keeps feeding and protecting him and everything I have ever learned about nature tells me that if he were irreparably injured she would not be feeding him or protecting him. So. I am just going to wait patiently until his wings allow him flight. Poor kitties. I hate keeping them in the house all day.

Speaking of my cats...Oscar is now taking Claritin and has been acting like an asshole ever since I gave him the first dose.

And that is all.


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