2007-05-09 - 6:11 p.m.

Today a baby bird who was probably being taught to fly got trapped in the bushes in my yard. I found him because 1. there was a crazy, screeching mother bird swooping my yard and 2. my cat Oscar was desperately trying to get through the tangle of bush branches to get to the baby bird. So...I grabbed all the cats that I was able to grab and put them in the house and then went outside and waited, and waited, and waited for the baby bird to fly away. While I was waiting I had to keep chasing my two ungrabable cats away from the bushes (when they don't want to be caught it is impossible to catch them) and finally one of the ungrabables decided to cooperate and went inside and the other ungrabable went up the tree and sat on the garage roof. Which should have been safe enough for the bird, but, because I know Fishy and know that of all my cats she is the only one that could actually catch a bird easily...I sat out there anyway to make sure the baby bird didn't get eaten. I sat and I sat and that crazy mother bird was still screeching and swooping and then she finally started coming to the bushes to feed the baby and then she went to another tree and sat and watched. So I went inside and watched from the window. For a long time. Finally, two hours into this ordeal, ungrabable cat #2 finally decided it was easier to come inside to eat instead of waiting to eat the I was free to let the birds do what they will. It is now 5 hours later and my cats are swarming me to go outside but I can't be sure that baby bird is gone yet. Sigh.

He's cute, that baby bird. He looks all grouchy sitting in those bushes. I should have taken a picture of him but that would have been rude.


My plane ticket to Germany is purchased, arrangements are almost made for the cat and his insulin shots, I'm working on a list of things that I need to check on while I am in Germany and we have a busy social weekend this weekend. Friday we are going to see my pet store guy play the guitar and Saturday we have a party to go to and it would be extremely unacceptable if I didn't go to it. Sometimes I can not go to things and it is acceptable...but this isn't one of those things. I am hoping that I get strep throat on Friday. But it will need to clear up by Tuesday.

Yesterday I got sick from drinking three cups of coffee. I hate getting old.

I really, really hate it.


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