2007-04-26 - 6:04 p.m.

I just sent a scathing e-mail in which I more or less accused someone (I used to be friends with many moons ago)of being an ignorant, racist hillbilly.

Because damn...there are only so many times that you can receive that "Andy Rooney says" (although he didn't say, am I truly the only person on this planet that cares about the truth enough to look things up?) e-mail before you snap. Really. I don't even live in that country at the moment and I've had it up to here (holding my hand way, way above my head) with hillbilly shit. Come on people, learn how to be a responsible, compassionate species. I am totally embarrassed sometimes by my fellow country men. Or, by my fellow earthlings.


I needed comfort food today and my interesting choice for comfort food? Canned green beans.


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