2007-04-20 - 12:06 a.m.

You know what's really sad? It's really sad that when I Google myself all I get is pages and pages of stuff about yeast infections, the stupid song "Careless Whisper" (actually, I love that song so shut up) and a whole HELL OF A BUNCH of stuff about a famous guitar guy (whose name I can't say because then you would know my last name and we can't just have everyone knowing my last name now can we?). It's cool that famous guitar guy has five billion pages of stuff about him on the internet...but that leaves the rest of us poor people who share his last name without the ability to be properly Googled.

Also, another sad thing. I caught myself watching Desperate Housewives for the second time this evening. And I wasn't even cringing or making fun of it. I was just watching it. What the hell have I turned into???? I ask you?


In other news. There is movement in the future. I know something you don't know and before I share it with you I am going to think more about it because I am enjoying this moment right now...the moment before I have to share and talk about this. This moment when I am free to imagine the possibilities before they become realities. (no, I'm not pregnant you f'ing one track minded loser asses)(gack).

That is all.


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