2007-03-31 - 12:22 a.m.

I still can't get a pill in Smitten's mouth. He foams, he drools, he spazzes right the fuck out. I need a pill gun thing but apparently they don't have them here in Spain. We asked at the vet. Someone send me one overnight please.

Also...I am completely weirded out right now because I woke up this morning thinking that Fidel Castro had a grand mal seizure...but I see that headline no where in the news? So did I dream that? What the hell would I be dreaming of Fidel for? I mean, I want to go to Cuba someday (as soon as I recover from this latin experience...i.e., siestas and dust), and I do oftentimes find myself having an internal rant with Fidel about his treatment of the media, but...should Fidel be in my dreams? No. No reason for that. So where did I come up with this grand mal business?


We had jalapenos and beer tonight. Good stuff. Tomorrow we are having cream of tofu soup with fresh herbs. Not quite the same as deep fried, breaded cheese wrapped in peppers...but still good. In a different way.



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