2007-03-30 - 4:43 p.m.

(this entry is not going to be of any interest to anyone but me...I am writing this so that in ten years when I go back and read my "old diary" I will remember why 1. I shouldn't ever have six cats again...or, if I do, to make sure that I am vet first so I can save myself thousands and thousands of dollars and 2. why I should never have a large house again. Ever. Even if I am a vet.)

So. Last week Oscar was diagnosed with an intestinal parasite. This diagnosis was made thanks to the liquid shit I scooped out of the litter box and carried to the vet. He was placed on Flagyl and Pepcid and I buckled down for six days of twice a day pill giving in addition to the twice a day sugar testing and twice a day injection of insulin. Six days didn't seem like much. I had assumed that he picked up the parasite because his health is already a little un-strong. I really DID NOT think the other cats would get it.

But, at least one of them has it. Diamond went to the vet the other day and we spent a lot of money getting his blood tested (because I was sure he was dying of cancer or something)...but, his blood is perfect and as it turns out, (thanks to another trip to the vet with a turd in a plastic container) he also has the parasite. Also, after bringing another turd from Oscar in at the end of his six day Flagyl treatment it was found that he still has, or got again, the parasite. So it is now assumed that all the cats have it and I am supposed to be collecting a stool sample from each of them. Which is nearly impossible. Last night I jumped out of bed in the middle of the night because I heard someone in the litter box...but alas, when I got there two cats were exiting the bathroom and so I have no idea which one left the deposit behind. So, that sample was a no go. Today I've been following them around waiting for someone to poop...but they aren't cooperating at all.

So. After Smitten threw up this morning I decided to hell with waiting for stool samples and I just started them all on the Flagyl. Because I want this gone. I can't live with a parasite. I am also bleaching the hell out of everything twice a day. Floors, dishes, litter boxes, cat name it, it's been bleached.

I got all the pills in five cat mouths but I cannot get Smitten to take a pill. I've tried on about ten different occasions now. The closest I got was actually finally getting the pill in his mouth and holding his jaws shut until he made the licking signal which almost always tells me that the cat has swallowed the pill. So Eric poured some treats out for him and he jumped up on the table and promptly started drooling and foaming at the mouth and coughed out the pill. Like an asshole. I don't know what to do. How can I possibly get him to take 12 pills if I can't even get him to take the first one?



Also. I am not letting them outside until they are treated. Because I am sure they got this from outside. We have all these stray cats getting into our yard...and you know, I'm sure that's part of the problem. So this weekend I have to spend a lot of time scouring the yard and patios and everything. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

But tonight we are going out for beers and jalapenos. After we take a turd to the vet. Yay.



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