2007-03-29 - 7:18 p.m.

I don't know what it is...the longer days which means that I get more than five hours of daylight a day (always I could have had more if I could drag myself out of bed before noon, but...that's not the point), maybe it's the fact that yesterday it rained and it was dreary all day and it put me in the mood of "home"...maybe it's that there haven't been any "OH MY GOD MY CAT IS DYING" episodes lately and also because Oscar seems to be gaining health rather than losing it for the first time in almost two years (this parasite issue aside). Maybe it's because Eric decided against going away this weekend and tomorrow night we are probably going out for beer and jalapenos. And next weekend we are going to eat at the Lebanese restaurant we adore and then we are finally going to see Le Cirque Du Soleil. And it's Easter and Eric will be home for five days straight!

Anyway. I feel comfortable and happy today.

Me likes.


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