2007-03-21 - 3:14 p.m.

I only have three more hours left in my language class package and I still can't speak a coherent sentence. In fact, when spoken to unexpectedly it appears that I can't even remember how to say "you're welcome" or "thank you". Today at the grocery store someone asked me if they could cut ahead of me in line and it caught me off guard. (though it shouldn't, I get asked this all the time. Is this something that happens in the U.S. and I just missed it? I mean, I know that whenever I had a cart full of things I would offer people to go in front of me if they only had a couple items...but, if I only had a couple items and the person behind me only had a couple items then, well, WHY THE FUCK SHOULD I OFFER FOR YOU TO GO IN FRONT OF ME? Here it appears that if I have five items (like I had today) and the person behind me has one, the person with the lesser amount of items gets to go first. I never had anyone in the US ASK me if they could go in front of me, but here it happens all the time.) Anyway, the guy behind me today asked if he could go in front of me. And, being caught off guard I just nodded and he said thank you and I couldn't remember how to say you're welcome. Apparently I am incapable of learning anything. This realization sucks because I decided this past weekend that I am going to go to veterinary school.

My cat, on the other hand, is a fucking genius. Yesterday he learned how to get his own treats out of the bag. He uses a curled paw and reaches deep within the bag to draw the treats out. Last night I woke up to a rustling and turned the light on the find all six cats on the floor surrounding a bag of treats from which Oscar was extracting delicious morsels for them. Okay, he wasn't exactly extracting the delicious morsels for the other cats, but being the pigs that they are, they nosed in there and took treats as fast as they could before Oscar whacked them on the head.

I am glad they are stuffing their faces with food but I can't help but be jealous. I have placed myself on a diet. I blame this on my mother and Eric. I asked for peanut butter cups. Just one package of peanut butter cups and my mother sends me a six pack of peanut butter cups (and they are all gone now). And...Eric brings back four Cadbury Cream Eggs (which I did not ask for but eat anyway). I have no will power. That is why, in the past when I lived alone and did not have to rely on other people to provide my treats for me, I never bought more than one of anything treat-like AND I would usually just not bring treat like items home at all. I don't resist anything. If it is there I will eat/drink it. Since I have moved here and have a husband who thinks it's cute to bring home five pounds of chocolate every month or so and because if I want special treats (like peanut butter cups) I have to import them which usually means asking someone else to bring them to me and that ALWAYS results in excess...I have gained ten pounds. I am active and I don't eat more than I used the only reason for my weight gain can be the increase in alcohol consumption and the fucking treats. So. I am on a diet. A serious diet. I plan to lose ten pounds by the time I go home at the end of April (or at least by pool season). How am I going to do this? Well, for starters I am not drinking anything but water (coffee and tea are water in my book) anymore. And I am going to be vegan until I lose this weight. And....NO MORE TREATS.

And I suppose I should up my gym attendence. It's annoying though, the gym. Lately it's been filled with annoying boys who flex their muscles and watch TV the whole time they are there. I hate that. But not as much as I hate having an extra ten pounds hanging around my thighs. To the gym I go.


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