2007-03-08 - 10:56 p.m.

I'm tired. I'm not supposed to be tired during this phase of my life. That had seriously been part of my plan. To not be tired for a couple years.

Also, today I am bored. I don't get bored very often but I am bored. The reason is because I don't feel like doing anything that I could/should do. I couldn't think of anything I wanted to do today except for sitting on the couch with a book. But that made me incredibly bored. So I tried to watch TV and that was even more boring than the book. So I ate an artichoke and am now attempting to just call it a night because I am bored.

I also feel guilty today. Guilty because for the last three days I have been ultra super good about not eating butter and fattening things and also about exercising and then I went and screwed it all up today by eating about five tablespoons of butter and not exercising because I didn't feel like doing anything. I should not feel guilty about either of these things because in my normal life I have days in which I eat a lot of butter and don't exercise and I'm not trying to lose weight or anything...but I was trying to see how it would feel if I went a month where every day included rigourous exercise and no butter instead of my normal life of every day having a bit of exercise and a minimal amount of butter. One month. That was all I wanted to accomplish. And I barely made it to day three.

I also feel guilty because today I was supposed to have gone to the pet store because my cats are very very low on their dry food. But...what with my mood today, I decided at about 4 this afternoon that I just didn't feel like the ordeal of the pet store today and I took a bath instead. Just a minute ago I realized that by morning my cats will be out of food. My cats NEVER run out of food. So I feel really bad about this and now I will have to go directly to the pet store in the morning instead of doing my usual, coffee and internet routine. I could still do the coffee internet routine if it wasn't for the fucking siesta. (or if I could drag myself out of bed at a reasonable hour) (also, when I say my cats are going to run out of food by morning I mean, they won't have any dry food, but they have many, many cans of fancy wet food and also, I boil chicken every day for Oscar. So there's lots of chicken.)(they won't starve...but what's Bubba going to do in the morning when he goes downstairs to his food dish and there isn't anything there???? That might make me cry. I am a very bad caretaker.)

In other news.

I am still bored.


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