2007-03-03 - 12:44 a.m.

Holy crap. We might actually know something as soon* as next week about where we are going. As much as I have been clamoring lately to get the hell out of here (mostly, out of this situation, not Spain per se, but the situation)...I find myself terrified. But ready. Ready to move on and move (please please please) forth. I wish I could take this house with me when we go. Sigh. I get so attached.

*I say 'as soon' but this has really been in the air for the last two years. So really this answer is coming quite late. But it feels like 'as soon' because I really didn't expect anyone to care enough about us to want to talk about this issue until way later in the year.

So. Here is what I am putting out there in terms of hopes for the next place we go.

1. That my cats will have space to be happy and safe in.
2. That I will have a bookstore (with english language books that are worth reading) nearby.
3. That there will be vegetarian sausages available whenever I want them.
4. And cheddar cheese that doesn't cost 10 euros.
5. That I am close enough to my mother that I don't have to prepare months in advance to go see her. (mind you, this could also mean a direct flight from somewhere to Detroit instead of the crap I have to go through to get anywhere from here.)
6. Snow.
7. Quiet.
8. Salted butter.
9. Big coffees for takeaway.
10. Indian food that doesn't require an hour and a half round trip.
12. Someplace where fireworks are only lit a couple times a year. Not every day.
13. Someplace where we can be sure to receive at least 98% of our mail instead of the 30% we get here.
14. Brown sugar.

Oh...there are more things...but I am tired now and ever so thirsty from all the pills I had to take today in order to get rid of my headache. It did finally go away at around 5 this afternoon. So yay. Then I went to town and rented the two worst movies I have ever seen. I didn't even finish watching either one (which is something I don't do). This was quite a let down since yesterday I rented 'Little Miss Sunshine' and so enjoyed it. I hope that my mother has seen it.

That is all.


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