2007-02-17 - 12:38 a.m.

This is my Rob Brezny horoscope for this week.

Sagittarius Horoscope for week of February 15, 2007

You want hot gold secrets to ripen in your dark candy soul? Then here's what you do: Study the ocean's memory for its teachings about moon victories. Extract a fresh green why from the book of storms you dreamed about. When the flowers' clouds soar over your shadow, and when night's funny sky has turned into warm moist roars, you'll know exactly how to look through the sun to the other side of your best fear. (The preceding horoscope may sound crazily lyrical, even poetically feral, but it's a perfect embodiment of the attitude you should cultivate in order to have a successful week.)


Feral is actually a word I used in my super secret journal this week as a description of what was going on in me old brain. So it was weird that someone else wrote that.

Rob Brezny is cool. We can all thank Kelsi for introducing us.

Oh in other news. Eric and I went to Barcelona this morning to get my stupid fingerprints taken for my stupid ID card that I don't even want. To be fair...the whole thing was FAR easier than I had anticipated and no line to stand in was literal...we just walked right up to the person taking finger prints. Which is weird because when Eric had to go this past fall there was that 24 hour line to contend with. I am not pretending to understand. was easy...I got my pictures taken this morning, picked Eric up, went to Barcelona, parked the car, walked to the police station, got fingerprints taken and handed over my pictures and that was that. My card will be here in a month. Hopefully at that time I will be planning my departure.

After our big two minutes in the police station we went to the bookstore where I purchased the first book in the Discworld series by terry Pratchett. I started to read Terry Pratchett books years ago but then I got distracted by a certain boy and forgot about them. Now I am back on track. Then we went to Zara and H&M where I bought three dresses, two skirts, two t-shirts and a pair of gloves for FIFTY ONE EUROS total. I have a couple more purchases to make and then I am taking one year off buying clothing. For real. But I do need a couple t-shirts and a pair of shoes before I do that.

We also went to Starbucks where I delighted in my mocha and delighted more in the American girl that got pissed off about the fact that the restroom was only for paying customers. We are a spoiled nation. Not that there's anything wrong with that...but we should learn to deal better with the fact that other countries don't have public restrooms at every turn. She was really bent out of shape about it.

And it was a better day than I've had in a while. Barcelona, though covered in a shroud of smog this afternoon when we drove in, had a nice feel to it today and for once I felt lucky to be here.

Goodnight now.


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