2007-02-08 - 4:51 p.m.

You know you are in a bad mood when you find yourself actually yelling at the freezer for being too cold and then stomping around in a huff about it.

Still not water heater and no hope of one either.

And of course, I have cramps. So I'm just fucking so goddamn happy right fucking now.

Oh...and to make it even better. Yesterday we ran out of heating oil. So I have no bath and our house is only 15 degrees (celsius).

Today I tried to hook the garden hose up to the shower in the other bathroom (the one that has a working, unexploded hot water heater). My plan was to run the hose from the working shower, across the upstairs and into my bathtub...but that was a disaster. So now I have to go clean up all the lakes of water I made in various spots of the house. And clean up all the things I knocked off tables and shelves with the hose.



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