2007-02-02 - 12:45 a.m.

I don't fight...or argue in anger and in fact, I barely argue in any way.

Eric argues quite nicely in every way but in anger.

So our "fights" are really stupid here.

So there I am throwing my bag of trash out my bathroom I do every night...and Eric, as usual, gets all irritated with me about and grabs for the bag with a "Give it to me," and I get all upset about it. FOR A LOT OF REASONS...the main one being that my throwing the trash out the window makes my life a whole fuck of a lot easier (it's a small bag and I retrieve it and dispose of it in the morning...and if I wanted to walk it down the fucking stairs every night and then unlock and unbar the fucking door and then lock and bar the door again and walk back upstairs I WOULD...but I like it my way, I bundle up the days trash (cat food tins and cat litter and little bits of this and that) and I throw it out my bathroom window (usually right before I get in my bath) and I then I don't have to go downstairs and go through that whole routine. I just toss it out the fucking window and that is that. Hillbilly or no...that's what I do. I also toss rotten fruit out the kitchen window because I don't want it in the house (fruit flies) any longer than it has to be...DEAL WITH IT...I DEAL WITH THINGS I FIND ANNOYING TOO.)

Shit. we got agitated with one another and I know he wanted to tell me how displeased he is with my out the window crap and I wanted to tell him to butt the fuck out of things that have to do with housecleaning since I am the one that does all the housecleaning. Duh. But instead I said, "You know, I already had a father and it didn't quite work out for me."

And went about my business and he went about his business and we just ignored one another for the rest of the night.

And tomorrow it will be okay.

I should probably learn to argue at some point.


Going to bed now.


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