2007-01-30 - 10:14 a.m.

So...I was just looking at pictures from the Miss America Pageant. (Why? Well, I don't know, it's an uncontrollable urge dating from my youngest years when I would insist that we be home from whatever we were doing in order to watch beauty pageants on TV. I don't know why I did this or why I loved them so much. And I also don't know why today, even though I have a very severe abhorrance for beauty pageant and beauty pageant type people, I still have that uncontrollable urge to look at pictures? I can guarantte that last night if I had had been around a TV in the U.S. I would have been fighting myself all night not to watch the pageant.)


This morning I was looking at pictures from the Miss America pageant and I immediately noticed that all the girls had almost the exact same hair style. And more importantly, it's the exact same hairstyle that I often strive for when I am going out. Which means that I need to change my strived for hairstyle without hesitation. Which would require a haircut. Which would require going back to the U.S. (because the one haircut I got here in Spain made me upset). And I just can't get myself to book this trip home for some reason. (okay, so I know the reasons.)

So that is all.

I had to wake by alarm today in order to take Eric to the airport and I am properly grouchy and will probably be so for the rest of the day. Because I suck.


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