2007-01-11 - 5:15 p.m.

Thirteen things about Thursday (today) (why thirteen? because it starts with a th, like Thursday.)(I guess I could do thirty.)(But...I don't even have thirteen.)(basically I just felt like saying something about Thursday (today).)

1. Everything in the house is either totally, sparkling clean, or utterly, disgustingly dirty. There is no middle ground today.

2. I have cramps. Bad ones. Because of this I took an hour off cleaning and made popcorn which I drowned in butter and then sprinkled with nutritional yeast. The latter being something else I am currently addicted to.

3. This morning I found my coffee cream to be a bit "off", so I opened a new one and used the old one as a sort of cream for my face. It made my skin really smooth and, well, creamy. It's nice.

4. I woke up this morning thinking, "It's hard to be married to a saint." I mean, it's nice...but damn...some mornings I want to wake up and be pissy to everyone and I just can't be pissy to someone when they are as kind and patient as my husband is.

5. I'm still not in the mood for anything that is on my agenda in the coming week. I basically just want to continue with my pattern of reading, cooking and bathing. And maybe, just because it's incredibly beautiful here right now, I could add some sunbathing to the mix.

6. My toes are real cold.

7. Our DVD player broke the other day (this is like the fifth thing our wonderful electrical system has annihilated) and I REALLY miss Tae Bo. I suppose I could drag my computer downstairs and play the DVD that way...but that means I have to find a plug adapter and...BLAH.

8. I have issues.

9. I haven't slept well in a really long time. But who has?

10. Apparently I am not getting dressed today.

11. I'm thinking about what to make for dinner tomorrow. I feel that it should be something uncomplicated...because there is a chance Eric's sister won't want to eat at all (she has a really crappy travel day tomorrow, including a six hour layover in Paris) and will just want to go to bed. But I always like to make something really comfortable and delicious for a first meal at Whisper's house (since food is the only thing I can really offer people) I just don't know what to do. Maybe ravioli? That's comfortable and as long as I don't get too insane with the "from scratch" shouldn't be that labor intensive. Whatever. I am stupid.

12. One of the neighbor people asked about Fishy today. I am so glad that we live where we live and people are human around here. I (we) got really fucking lucky about this cat in the car situation. We are still waiting for a bill for the Porsche repair (if insurance won't cover it...the car had to be towed away you know, because it wouldn't start again.)...but what really matters is that the people that owned the car did not hesitate for a moment in letting us peel back plastic to get my cat. It could have been an even worse situation...I would have torn someone apart if they had told me I couldn't attempt to get my cat. Seriously.

13. I am done wasting time now. I have a kitchen to clean.


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