2007-01-10 - 2:03 p.m.

I am waiting for my phone to charge so I can go for a walk. In the past I would have just gone for the walk sans phone...but now that the fact that my life is one big emergency has been drilled into my head, well, I'm not taking chances.

It is very, very nice here today. It is spring, full blown. The trees are flowering and the farmers are out plowing fields and spreading nasty smelling fertilizer. (normally I actually enjoy the smell of fertilizer (there is something comfortable about it since I was born and raised in farmland U.S.A.), but whatever shit it is that they are currently using here isn't at all pleasant.)

I have a cold sore. And it hurts.

Eric's sister arrives on Friday and....I am trying to be really accepting of it. But I'm really, really not in the fucking mood for this right now. Quite honestly, her trip here is one of the (many) reasons I delayed my trip back to the U.S., I really just need a month where nothing happens but the usual. Like, a whole, thirty day period of time in which I can calm down. After she leaves and Eric returns from France I am going to request a 30 day quiet spell. No travel, no guests, no plans. And I will hope like hell that my cats stay out of the goddamn hospital for EVER. Jesus.

Fishy is completely better now. Cats are very tough. I don't understand how she can be back to normal now (she even climbed her tree today). My arms still hurts from crawling under the car time and time again. And she was TWISTED through that very car for hours. SHE HAS TO STILL HURT. Doesn't she?

I'll be walking now.


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