2007-01-08 - 2:49 p.m.


So we are all breathing now.

Saturday night we took Fish to the vet and he took some x-rays and nothing is broken, no sign of internal bleeding...her eye was all whacked out (the pupil was dilated in one eye and expanded to the max in the other) and she had blood inside her ear and it is supposed that her head was thrown against the car body when the belt hit her. And she was really, really sore and really, really dirty. But alive and incredibly unscathed. So we brought her home and she immediately plopped down in Eric's desk chair (and he graciously gave it to her) and went to sleep. I slept on the couch next to her...watching, watching, watching and then yesterday we just watched and watched and watched. She only got up once all day. And neither of us, though she was under almost constant supervision, had seen her go to the bathroom. So we were wrecks. I think we were both scared because of that little kitten that had been next to Squish one time when he was in the hospital for a few days. That kitten had a paralized bladder and never regained use of it and had to be put to sleep even though she was the cutest, smartest, most spirited little ball of fur ever. So. Neither of us were really pleased yesterday with any little sign of progress because, she wasn't peeing. And...because she wasn't peeing we took every sign to mean that she was dying. We forgotthat she had just been smacked around inside a car engine and that she probably wasn't moving because it HURT to move and she was breathing a little weirdly because 1. she couldn't breathe when she was pinned and also because, 2. it hurts to breathe sometimes when you are in pain. Anyway, Eric slept on the couch last night to watch her and he told me this morning that he almost woke me up to come and spend some time with her because he was sure those were her last hours (we are so dramatic around here)...but then all of a sudden she just made her little "whirrrr?" sound and jumped into his lap. When I came in at 5 am to check on her she followed me out and resumed her usual position on the bed next to me.


This morning we took her to the vet and he confirmed that she probably hadn't emptied her bladder since the accident because it was very very enlarged. He pressed on it and nothing came out so he was pretty sure she hadn't lost feeling there and he sent us home to watch her. He was confident and that made me feel better. Eric was still a wreck though. (poor man, I didn't mean to turn him into a cat lover) So...we watched her and I braced myself for yet another day of following a cat around to monitor them all day. I wasn't sure how I was going to watch two (because I still guard Squish for five hours after I give him his daily insulin shot)...but THANKFULLY she walked upstairs, ate some food, wandered around a little and then took a giant pee in the litter box.

So she's okay.

And I really can't believe it. I mean, no one would believe it if they had seen her stuck in the front end of that car.

Poor girl.

Fishy (this picture was taken the day before she got smacked around by the car engine...she wouldn't want you to see her in her current, oil covered, tufts of fur gone, banged up state. Respect the vanity.)


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