2007-01-05 - 11:25 p.m.

Somebody mentioned to me recently that I have not railed on Spain in a while...and was I finally getting comfortable/used to it here?


The answer to that is that yes...I am comfortable here now. But only because I've come into a new sort of acceptance...meaning, I am treating this like the giant vacation that it is. I've stopped trying to do what I "should" do and I've stopped wishing that I were a decent enough human to want to be able to speak more than one line of Spanish in one hour without having a meltdown.

Also, I've been trying, in the last eight or so months, to be more positive in my thinking and also in the things that come out of my mouth. Because it does make a huge difference to be optimistic. Really.

But hell. Tonight. I hate it here and I'm gonna talk about it. Let me tell you...for TWO WEEKS now I have been trying to buy packets of yeast so I can make bread. Because I love to make bread and I NEED to make bread. In the past this has not been a problem. I was always able to get yeast packets. But like everything else here...apparently you just have to buy a lifetime supply when (and if) you happen to see it. Because yeast is now NO WHERE to be found. NO WHERE. ???? I don't get it. Have I talked about the parsley yet? Because for a long time I was searching for fresh parsley. Because I need it. And I could never find any. Then all of a sudden one day it appeared at the grocery store in big bundles. And I was thrilled!! And then I went to get it priced (because here you normally have to get your produce tagged before you go through the check-out lane) and the woman shook her head and told me it was free. FREE parsley! I was very happy. And for one week we had parsley. And when I back to get more...there wasn't any. Ever. Again. I really just don't understand.

Anyway this evening was just a disaster. In more ways than not finding yeast. I feel like we've rewound a year. And that really sucks.



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