2007-01-04 - 11:17 a.m.

Oh my god do I get mad about these incentives offered to people to have babies. I mean, I get raging mad. People are such fucking morons. I've known people who would take a look at the amount of money one of the girls where I used to work would get back for taxes every year and, after she explained why she got much more than the rest of us (she was a single mother of two children living under the poverty level), people would say, "I need to have some kids." And I read about countries, Sweden, France and Germany to name three, who offer cash money to couples to have children because they are worried about their declining populations. Number one...our population NEEDS TO FUCKING DECLINE YOU STUPID FUCKS and number 2...that $13,000 (more or less) that you are getting from the government to have a baby, uh, yeah, thats about $487,000 shy of what you need to raise a child. Here's an idea to get you half a million dollars...DON'T HAVE THAT BABY. WHO FALLS FOR THAT SHIT? Jesus.

Anyway. I slept for twelve hours last night. Well, actually eleven because my cat kept waking me up between the hours of 7 and 8. (he does this periodically and I think it means his blood sugar is all whacked, when I get my blood sugar testing machine I will confirm this) I feel better...but not so much better. I really, really need a vacation. This is another reason why I want to wait until spring to visit I can go to Leland and spend a few days on the sand dunes by myself. It's too risky to plan that in February. I'm likely to get snowed in for the rest of the winter.

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