2007-01-02 - 10:38 a.m.

Apparently I've lost the ability to hold my alcohol because yesterday I spent the entire day and night flat on my back in misery with a splitting headache, foggy stomach and eyes that refused to stay open for longer than an hour at a time. And because of my twenty eight hours in bed (or on the couch)...I woke up this morning feeling dramatically better and starving, but with a horrible horrible backache. We seriously need a better bed.

Anyway. New Years was nice and I'm glad I got that out of the way because now next year I won't have to feel guilty when I don't go out. The original plan this year had been for me to stay home with movies and pizza (which is my favorite way to spend New Years) and Eric was going to go out with his friends. This arrangement would allow both of us to be happy. Last year was a disaster because we both tried to do what we thought was "right" in order to make the other happy. In the end we both kind of hated New Years...I just wanted to be alone and Eric just wanted to be this year we were both pretty clear that we were going to do our own things. was suggested that maybe I should go to the dinner portion of the New Years bash and forgo the clubbing part of it. (Here in Spain it appears that it is common to go to somebody's house for dinner and gathering and for the New Year to be rung in and then, around 2 or 3, go to the clubs for the rest of the night and into the morning. Can we all say, "FUCK THAT"?) Eric said he would rather I go to the dinner and ring in the new year with him and then we would both come home instead of doing our separate things and him staying out for the entire night blowing money on ridiculously priced liquor. So that's what I did. I went to the dinner/social portion. And...stick me in a room with 20 or so people not speaking my comfort language and add to that loud music and lots of chitter chatter and well, I was having a difficult time communicating and when one feels uncomfortable I guess one just keeps drinking and drinking. And it didn't help that Alex kept wandering by and refilling my glass.

GAH. least in my alcohol stupor I managed to call everyone on my phone list to wish them a happy new year and because my mother wouldn't answer her phone to ring in the new year with me and share in the grape eating custom, I called Amy and she was able to listen to me stuff 12 grapes down my throat. Lucky girl.

Alex's girlfriend moved here (from Ohio) (and with her cat) on Saturday and she brought with her, all sorts of treats! Homegrown catnip for one. Which is a huge hit with my cats. I've been trying to grow catnip for almost a year now and the plants never get past three inches high before a cat finds it and eats it within two seconds. And Red Hot. I planned to eat eggs slathered in it yesterday but with my fog stomach that just wouldn't work. So now...that's where I am headed. Eggs and Red Hot. Total yum-ness.


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