2006-12-16 - 2:09 p.m.

Yesterday was a complete waste of a day.

That made me very annoyed.

And apparently my staying away all night on Thursday night did nothing to reset my sleep schedule because once again...I woke up at noon this morning/afternoon. F.U.C.K.

I do, however, feel much better than I did yesterday. Yesterday I was sleep deprived and rather hung over-ish (though I never felt drunk exactly, it did take me nine hours to drink a bottle of wine). I suspect I felt so awful because I hadn't eaten enough on Thursday. Food is very important. Eric and I are going back on our diet Monday morning.

Here is our menu for the week. (you are terribly interested)
Monday lunch...eggs whites with veggies, wheat toast, fruit smoothy.
Dinner...split pea stew
Tuesday...L. Catalan garbonzos D. veg. pot pies with tofu
Wednesday...fruit and veggie fast day
Thursday...L. Broccoli casserole D. Spinach roulade
Friday...L. Amaranth salad D. vegetable tart

Saturday I plan to get Indian takeout and Sunday, maybe just maybe we will make it to the movies in which case I will be eating falafel and baklava. That's diet food. Really.

Anyway...I've been very agitated this week. Mostly because I keep going to the vet trying to get the results of my cat's latest glucose test and every time I go there the vet isn't available to give me a one word answer. They keep telling me to call...and I just don't understand why everyone thinks it's so easy to call when I can barely speak to them in person? Get an f'in brain asswads...all I need is a yes or no about whether I need to up his insulin. PLEASE.

I need a vacation. I need an alone vacation where I just sit in a hotel room for several days taking baths and sleeping. We all need that.

I'm going back to the vet now.


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