2006-12-12 - 8:45 p.m.

I've been absent.

Five day weekends make me zone out.

Important things to note....

-Found an English bookstore FINALLY.
-Made lots of fires this week in the fireplace.
-Squishy Cat has been PLAYING all week long. Which would be the first time I can remember him playing since before we moved here. I am thrilled. I took a video of the event to show the vets tomorrow. Am I a dork? If I were a vet I would want to see a video of the cat, whose life I saved, playing.
-I am thinking about delaying my Michigan/Illinois/Iowa trip until March. For various reasons. One being that I am just not ready to think about it right now.
-I've been doing Tae Bo almost every day and it is an AWESOME exercise routine to be in. I am going to have some serious stomach muscles just as soon as I lay off the (french) butter and this layer of fat dissolves. Yes, I am bragging. About the stomach muscles and the fact that I have pounds of french butter in my fridge.
-I am much happier now that the weather is cold enough in the morning for my breath to be visible.
-I spied a snow capped mountain the other day when we drove to France (for butter) and it made my mouth water. (the butter and the snow capped mountain)
-I've been feeling guilty about every thing for the last month. This is because my mind has been catty lately and I've been thinking some really awful thoughts about people. So that makes me feel like a total piece of general.
-I think that is all.
-Oh, I had baklava last week. That can make me happy for months. I fucking love it.

That is all.

Things are looking up.


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