2006-12-01 - 6:19 p.m.

I am the only person I know who has to have three days to prepare for their own birthday.

Yesterday I cleaned for the majority of the that there wouldn't be anything detracting from pure comfort on the day of my birthday. I plan to eat eggs benedict for breakfast, homemade pizza for dinner and in between breakfast and dinner I plan to sit on the couch with whatever cat or husband will sit with me while I read a new book.

So...not only do I have to clean...but I also have to grocery shop. Because in order to make eggs benedict I have to make my own English muffins AND my own version of vegetarian sausage out of tofu and a bunch of herbs and spices. Not to mention pizza crust and sauce...I have to make that. I have to go to Barcelona tomorrow to get a new book.

Just so my birthday can be exactly how I want it.


I think I spoil myself. If I could control the weather, I would. Sunshine in the morning and clouds the rest of the day. Please. And it would be nice for some rare snow here too. REALLY nice. A couple feet would do nicely.

Thank you.


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