2006-11-19 - 12:23 a.m.

I was considering...for just a brief, slightly insane moment, taking a train from Chicago to Colorado to visit my father when I am home in February. I've always wanted to take the train...but you know, I have more of a romantic notion of trains and when I actually got on the Amtrak website and started poking around...uh....ew. Not gonna do it. It was nice to think about for a minute though. Looking out the window at the mountains and all that stuff. Anyway, I don't really want to spend that many days away in Colorado when I have a lot of people to see in my area of the country. So fuck it. I'll visit him someday when I've lived back in my area for long enough to have gotten sick of everyone again.

I want Eric to come home now. Ten days is way way way way way too long. Besides...I got bored today and I never get bored. I ended up washing lampshades. (this is the kind of crap I do, AND CONVINCE MYSELF THAT I HAVE TO DO, in order to avoid writing my NaNo novel. But clean lampshades actually make a big difference. The house feels just slightly less dusty and musty.

We have just two, maybe three or four, guests coming for Thanksgiving. Part of me is happy for this because cooking for a normal amount of people allows me to take my time...last year was just too many people, I was just cooking to get food in mouths. But, having that many people was good because it totally distracted me from the fact that I wasn't at home celebrating my favorite holiday with my mother and brothers. This year it looks like I'll be alone most of the day and then just a quiet dinner. I am planning to make and deliver an apple pie to the American guy that lives on our street too. Maybe I wil invite him and his partner over for a drink too. I've been a totaly slacker making friends with the American guy.

Someone rang the doorbell tonight. I get completely traumatized when people do that. Not just here either. I used to get traumatized by it in Michigan too. I NEVER answer the door and then find that I spend the rest of the evening lurking around my house pretending I am not there. Walking on tiptoes and that kind of thing. Why would someone ring my doorbell? Leave me alone.

Also...someone in this neighborhood recently either bought a Harley or someone in this neighborhood recently started dating someone with a Harley. But it's getting ridiculous. He or she comes home at about 2 in the morning...every morning and the noise is disturbing you know. That hollow rattle rummmm rummmm echoes off the walls down the street and it sounds like a nightmare. I wake up terrified. I hope to get used to him soon. But tonight I am staying awake until he gets home. Because I am sick of waking up and not being able to get back to sleep.

That is all.


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