2006-11-13 - 12:17 p.m.

In a strange turn of usual emotional, sobbing, anxiety ridden PMS self has been replaced this month with...emotional, indeed with a hint of anxiety...but instead of the sobbing it's hysterical laughter. Like, tears rolling down the face and choking from breathlessness laughter.

I think it's the euphoria of having my cat at home and waking up in the morning to find him nestled against me. Which is something he has done his entire life...until the last year.

Also...things are familiar here. This is my second November here and it's nice to wake up say, "Oh, it smells just like it did last year at this time." I need, thrive on, familiar. So this is good. I am almost excited about Christmas morning and that's weird because I don't even like holidays. But last Christmas morning was so cozy and wonderful. Fire, biscotti, coffee (I think I we might have even spiked it), kitties, BOY in his robe and santa was nice. A nice morning.

Speaking of my BOY. I miss him. Terribly. I really like our life. And it's not the same to live that life when he isn't around.

I'm at 950 words now for NaNoWriMo. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Loser. Total.

The cat just returned from a follow up vet visit. He's doing much better. I'm not quite sure what living with a diabetic cat is going to entail...but...if it isn't much more than this (twice a day insulin and special diet) will be okay.

Boy on phone now.


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