2006-11-08 - 10:49 a.m.

Getting out of bed was really difficult this morning. I have, for the past two mornings, taken Eric to work so I can have the know, so I can see my cat at the hospital. All I can say is that it is a really good thing that I don't take the car very often because IT ANNOYS THE FUCK OUT OF ME...THE PROCESS INVOLVED IN TAKING THE CAR. If I had more desire to go places I would have had to have insisted upon getting my own car...and that would have been rather evil of me considering the fact that we are already poor due to my inability to pay off my debt before moving here as a jobless person. SUFFER BITCH!

Anyway. This morning I took a shower after bitching my way out of bed. It felt good to be clean right away in the morning. I usually don't take a shower until after I exercise...which is at five o'clock. So I took a shower, bitched some more about being awake, drank some coffee, was unreasonably grouchy to my husband, took him to work, drank some more coffee, made breakfast and immediately got honey in my clean hair. So much for the morning shower crap.

I am going to see the cat in about an hour. They are going to attempt to feed him today. He really wants to eat. If he throws up...well, that will be very very very bad news. So please, send out all your best DO NOT THROW UP energy to my poor, poor cat who has not had a bite to eat in over a week.

I wanted to wear my beautiful skirt celebration of his possibly eating...but it is much too windy. And anyway, I have honey in my hair. That makes no sense...but...

Eric is probably leaving for the United States tomorrow. Did I tell you that he delayed his trip (he was supposed to have left last Thursday) just to be able to be here for emotional support concerning the cat. (and for translation services at the vet...)

I am still not writing my novel. And I am pissed off about it. But not so pissed off that I actually use my time between hospital visits to write it. Instead I am doing dumb things like making baked beans from scratch (8 hours)and today I am making blueberry, wild rice bread and that requires me to not only knead and rise...but to make my own wild rice flour. I am also making pumpkin bisque. That's pretty easy though.

I just want to go back to bed. We now have blankets on the bed and that makes it so much nicer. Remember how someday, when we move back to The United States of America, I will be reunited with my big, white, squishy bed? Oh.....that alone makes me excited to move back.

That is all.


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