2006-11-06 - 5:32 p.m.

Obviously this diary has become unreadable. Even for me. I wouldn't blame anyone for dropping me from their favorites list. I've never really overly liked myself...but it does seem that at some point in the not so distant past I had something to say that was worth reading even if you weren't my mother or my future self (who uses this diary lately as a calender of sorts).


Oscar is still in the hospital. He IS getting better but that doesn't mean that this is good. There are all sorts of things to deal with once he is healed from this particular episode. Just about the only thing I can do is cross my fingers and try to keep myself from staring at him for too many hours a day looking for any sign of illness or change.

The other night Eric and I went out to dinner. Financially we have no business doing that because 1. we are going to be needing a whole fuck of a lot of money pretty soon here for our return to the United States and 2. in hospital for a week including every kind of test known and daily blood monitering. But we went to dinner anyway. Because we needed it. We went to one of our usual places and Eric ordered a risotto. I stay away from risotto because it is about 99.9% likely that they used chicken or beef broth in making it. I am well aware and I don't even ask, not even in my own country, because I know this. I've never been told this...but I know this. HOWEVER...Eric's provolone cheese risotto showed up with not a big, crispy round of baked cheese on top of it...but also a big, luscious mass of baked provolone cheese underneath the rice. I had a bite and I have a feeling I may order it someday. I will have two things that I am a hypocrite about...chinese food and provolone cheese risotto at Can Marti. Sorry.

We are buying free range eggs these days that kind of makes up a little.

I do what I can.

And that is all.


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