2006-10-30 - 6:59 p.m.

So this is funny.

It's Monday, right?


And I got up at noon. Drank a pot of coffee by four and didn't do much of anything else (except re-heat leftovers of last night's dinner for Eric's lunch, wash my face and do a load of wash) by four. Then I decided I better get something done today so I went downstairs to clean the TV room and noticed a bottle, half full, of wine leftover from weekend dinner. USUALLY, on a Monday, I would be able to overlook this and either dump the remainder out or put it in the fridge with the intention of making salad dressing....HOWEVER....this particular wine came from Switzerland can't just dump out half a bottle of Swiss wine when it's come this far. So I drank it. On an empty stomach.

And that's what I did with the rest of my day.

(keep in mind, the days are getting way shorter so this isn't as pathetic as it could be.)

The end.


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