2006-10-12 - 8:22 p.m.

Argh. I always, always, always try things the "from scratch" way first. Because it's better that way, body mind and spirit. So. I have had this recipe for a chestnut roast that I've wanted to try for forever. But I really didn't want to buy the weird looking jars of chestnuts you can buy pretty readily here...or the cans of chestnuts...or even the dried chestnuts. I wanted the fresh chestnuts that I would roast and peel myself before using in the fairly simple recipe. I bought a few pounds of chestnuts. And now...twelve hours later...I am still trying to peel the mother fuckers.

Obviously dinner tonight will not be consisting of chestnut roast.

Fuck chestnuts.

I will now buy jarred, canned or dried should I ever need them and they go on my list of NOT FROM SCRATCH (along with hollandaise sauce and pesto).


Last night I had a crappy night of sleep. AGAIN. How can I be sleep deprived when I don't even have a job or any other responsibility to speak of? Oh let's see...the alarm went off at 2 am (Eric and Joe were awake and sitting on the couch...the alarm wasn't even on but it went off anyway ???)...a nightmare that a spider was in my bed with me woke me up...and then my darling husband came running up the stairs exclaiming, "SWEETIE!!!!!" and then excitedly held something in front of my sleeping face while babbling on and on about how it finally came off. What finally came off was his toenail. The toenail that he had injured way back in July.

Such a lovely thing to wake up to....alarms, spider nightmares and dead, black toenails. He's been carrying it around all day today too. He's such a weirdo.

I hate chestnuts.


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