2006-10-03 - 12:56 p.m.

Man oh man, it's windy today. Gale force wind season has officially arrived. Not a good day to decide to be gale force windy because right now I am kneading the option of flying out tomorrow morning to Italy around in my mind. And gale force winds + airplane travel scares the hell out of me.

The subject line on Eric's e-mail to me this morning was "URGENT!! PEE IN THE CUP!!!" Which made me laugh. And it was good that he sent it because I had totally forgotten about peeing in the cup this morning. Had I remembered that I was supposed to be collecting my first morning pee I wouldn't have taken my B vitamins before bed last night. Right now there is a cup of flourescent yellow pee sitting on a plastic bag on my bathroom counter. I just can't wait to present it to the doctor.

This has been a really humbling month for me.

Really, I can't believe how windy it is. It's incredible. Back where I come from you don't get wind like this unless there is some terrible storm going on. So it's kind of weird to have this wind happening while the sky is perfectly blue and the sun is blazing.



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