2006-10-02 - 5:21 p.m.

Maybe you are wondering why I am still sitting here in my same old crappy desk chair, drinking coffee from my same old coffee mugs and listening to the same old sounds of construction next door? Yes? You are wondering? too.

All I can say right now (because I am worn out seventeen times over at this point and am starting to question my sanity quite seriously due to the fact that I can't seem to make any sort of concrete thought WHATSOEVER in my pea brain) is that I arrived at the airport on Saturday morning. Indeed. I even stood in line for fifteen-twenty minutes...but in the end I took that fateful step OUT of line and right out the revolving doors (which for once didn't trap me) and back home where I napped before going back to the doctor. And I still intend to be in Italy for a portion of this thing. Really. I do. Or did. But you know, it's probably a sign of what is true when your carefully packed suitcase keeps getting unzipped and things placed back in their proper spots until there is nothing left in there but a couple t-shirts you never really wear anyway and your Italian/English dictionary. And the fact that I've lost any of the energy and excitement I had for this trip in the first place. It's gone. Zilch. I feel nothing about this trip. Tomorrow I go BACK to the doctor (and joy...this time I get to go to the gynecologist (or as Eric refers to it...the chotch doctor)...but it's a SHE so that's a bonus, I couldn't get a SHE chotch doctor for the life of me back where I come from...but come to Spain and they just assign you to them!)for another exam. Because you see, when I went back today and told the doctor that most of my symptoms were still present, albeit less intense, she finally had me pee in a cup and my pee is perfect. She said, "well, this is perfect." The whole U.T.I. thing was a little dubious to me from the get go. But what do I know, I've never had

I'm not in Italy.

And I've done away with

I can't pee correctly.

And I think that I was most excited about someone cooking me food...because that's the only thing I am sad about missing in Italy. I think I need someone to cook me food from time to time. Good food. Food that takes time.

Also. I am growing my fingernails out.

That is all.

(oh, the pharmacy today...I found DENTAL FLOSS!! And not just any dental floss...but my brand of dental floss!! And...CARMEX!!! I was really excited about all this because for just a brief moment I almost thought that I didn't need the United States as much as I thought I did...yeah...but then they charged me five euros for a 89 cent tub of Carmex. Import. Crap.)


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