2006-09-27 - 4:07 p.m.

Well, I'm not dying. (well, I mean, we are all dying but my death doesn't appear to be lurking around the corner) Apparently I have a fucking urinary tract infection. Which, of course, would make me think I am dying. Because I've never had one before and how was I supposed to know my symptoms were just that. I thought for sure my kidneys had shut down. Because I am dramatic like that. I think I even talked myself into having lupus at one point. Anyway...going to the doctor in Spain is just as chaotic as doing anything else in Spain. It made me homesick. I wanted my quiet waiting room and clear instructions and I didn't want to have to look at a dirty ceiling while I was being examined. I wanted to be weighed and my blood pressure taken and all those other pointless things that make you think you are really being checked out. I was prescribed antibiotics...and like the antibiotics Eric had last year, it comes in a powdered form that you mix with water. Mine is lemon flavored...Eric's was strawberry...I am really glad I didn't get the strawberry flavor. It smelled like a Strawberry Shortcake doll. So...I took my massive dose of antibiotics, in liquid form and afterwards I gave my cat his antibiotics in pill form. Which is just backwards. WHY are human medicines here in liquid form and animal medicine in pill form??? Why??

I was mortified when the doctor said, "For three days, no coffee..."

Disappointed when she continued with, "no alcohol," (because DAMN! I am flying on Saturday morning, I need a nice glass of wine with my last meal on Friday!!)

And I almost cried when she finished with, "and no spicy foods." My three favorite, alcohol and chile peppers. I hardly think I can survive. is not working. At least not for me. I am unable to 1. receive new messages 2. send messages 3. even get into my guestbook to erase the message that is there that I am certain is some guestbook disease. And I've written to signmyshittyfuckingguestbook THREE TIMES in the last THREE WEEKS and no one is getting back to me. So please, write to them and tell them to help me because I have many guestbooks I'd like to be signing and I am sure my mother is freaking out that she can't sign mine!! Help a girl out.

That is all. I am making bread.

And not dying.


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