2006-09-01 - 12:49 p.m.

This morning I walked down stairs and as I was opening windows I noticed a bat scooting across the floor. Have you ever seen this? How they scoot on the tips of their wings? Bats are odd. Anyway. I almost cried. Almost. But I was calm and went upstairs to find the "bat box" that we had to use on four occasions last year at this time. What happens at this time of the year? The baby bats are learning to fly and navigate and they get lost. Often ending up in homes. Of humans. Not good. Anyway, last year we had four or five in here. So...I out the bat box over him and then tried to figure out how to get him outside. Then I called Eric. He said he could come home in half an hour. And I had every intention of waiting that half an hour for him but I started feeling bad for the bat. I am sure he had a bad night. Locked in a house with six cats and no mommy. (my cats incidently, are terrified of bats which was kind of funny to watch last year) So I scooted the cardboard top under the lid of the box, gently, and finally I had him contained in the box. I took him to the roof and quickly uncovered the box and retreated inside and when I looked outside the bat was just sitting there looking confused. They are rather cute you know. I should have taken a picture of him. Such tiny little faces. Anyway, I waited ten minutes and he never left so I went to get something to shelter him and a dish of water. When I came back he heard the door open and flew off into the morning.

I feel very accomplished now.

I might spend the rest of the day in bed reading now.

Yesterday Eric came home with magazines!! Magazines are the best!!!

And I finally got to work for me so now I can order books and they arrive very quickly to the house and the only thing is that I pretty much have to know what book or author I want before I can order the books. I really miss browsing. Also, I have been wanting to read Katherine Anne Porter stories since I arrived here and doesn't seem to have anything by her. Sigh. Sigh.

That is all.


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