2006-08-24 - 10:10 p.m.

Eric and I are on this detox diet this week. It's not SUCH a far distance to our normal eating plan...but we have cut out the fat, dairy, salt, white floured shit and alcohol. So basically it means that I am not putting grated cheese on top of our wheat pasta (which we eat exclusively anyway)and I am not dousing everything in soy sauce (or salt), nor am I sneaking dollaps of butter onto my food. Oh, and no sour cream, that's kind of a bummer. I miss that and I am missing the salt and especially cheddar cheese. Otherwise I am pretty happy and actually feel terrific. I feel, indeed, cleansed. Not just health wise...I feel balanced and happy. Which is a good feeling for once. And boy oh boy am I looking forward to having a glass of wine!!

Anyway...I think this is going to become our new lifestyle. Monday through Friday we eat nothing but vegetables and fruit and the occasional wheat product...and of course beans for extra protein...and one day a week we will do a juice fast and on weekends we eat cheese and drink beer. Maybe I will lose my Spanish 10 pounds that way.

That is all. I have to go tend my pot of broth now lest I simmer away too much flavor. MMMMM...broth.


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