2006-08-15 - 3:55 p.m.

So, maybe five, six days ago I put a bag of garbage outside the door. And...because I haven't really gone anywhere that would require exiting that door I had forgotten about it. Until...the other morning when I was sitting peaceful in my chair sipping coffee and eating my breakfast and I got whapped in the face by a strand of really nasty wind. Really nasty wind because it had picked up the rot whiff from the garbage. We are talking about rotten potatoes and used kitty litter in addition to normal garbage...AND, it had rained on the garbage and then left to fester more in the heat the next day. Anyway, the smell, from my chair, drifting about in the wind made me sick to my stomach. And I kept procrastinating...and procrastinating until I thought about the neighbors who live across the street and who open their streetside window every night to catch the cool breeze. I felt very guilty and embarrassed about the smell. So...I finally hauled the bag, gagging, down to the dumpsters. And I closed the lid so no one else would have to smell it.

So today I drive out of the village and I SMELL it. The garbage. It's awful. And I swear it's all because of my rotten garbage bag in there. I drive to the store with the windows down because it is pleasantly nice today for once and ALL THE WAY TO THE STORE I SMELL IT. ALL THE WAY. It downpours while I am the store. And now I am home and the smell is even worse and now I am pretty sure that it has nothing to do with my garbage.

I think there is something huge dead and rotting in the field.

It has to be. There is no way that my garbage can be smelling up an entire village AND outwards in a radius of about a mile. No way.

Is there?

This is awful.


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