2006-08-14 - 10:57 p.m.

I am, apparently, cooler than I thought I was. This evening....I watched...a whole movie....IN SPANISH.............AND UNDERSTOOD IT!

I also told the produce girl at the grocery store that the price label machine wasn't working and when she was able to print my price label out with no problem I told her I was stupid, in Spanish, and she laughed. It is the first time I have made someone laugh in Spanish. Well, except for last year when I was trying to say celery (apio) in Spanish (nevermind that it was like four days after my arrival here) and everyone was making fun of me. Or...that time in Spanish class when I couldn't say some stupid word and had Eric and our intructor rolling because of it. Fuckers. I still can't say that word by the way.


I have a much larger selection of movies now that I can rent Spanish movies too. Not there are that many Spanish movies out there. But since I have never seen ANY of them...that's a lot of movies. It will keep me occupied.

That is all.

Boy returns in 39 hours. I really miss him.

Oh, and by the way, if I haven't mentioned it already. Please, if you have a cat, get catmint (catnip) seeds and grow it for them. If you think store bought catnip is have not seen anything like homegrown catnip. Even my cats that don't normally react to catnip are rolling around like kittens.

Okay, that is really all.


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