2006-08-11 - 12:25 a.m.

This evening I made tacos and watched "Annie" while still in my bathing suit which I have had on since noon.

NOT one of my most shining evenings.

I am a scuzzzzzball.

Also, I am reading the news and pretending like I am not bothered by this blowing up airplanes shit. Shit. What I can't figure out is whether TODAY was the day the attacks were scheduled? And if it wasn't then why are they confiscating liquids and not allowing carry-on's? Because unless today was the day then they will have to keep doing that stuff...but no one has said that today was the day. So seriously, why are they taking the liquids today and probably not taking them two days from now when this attack was, from what I can gather, not exactly scheduled yet?


I'm going to try not to freak out this week when my husband is on his three scheduled flights.

Also. I have two pimples on my chin right now and this is another reason that I don't like the stupid telephone.

I am not tired and I need to go to bed because I a morning appointment.

And my alarm won't work so I kind of need to go to bed now so I wake up on my own in time.

I could use the Indian alarm clock but that always wakes me up too early and then I fall back asleep and it just won't work.

Eric took a train to Amsterdam today. Now I am excited to go to Amsterdam. Before I had no desire to go there because there wasn't much to offer someone like me and air travel must be worth it for me to do it. (Amsterdam doesn't appeal to me because I don't smoke pot or eat mushrooms and I can only handle about an hour of museums and hookers...hell, we have one at the end of our street). But now that I know we can take a train there...that's exciting. Amsterdam by train is worth it.

I think that is all for today.


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