2006-08-03 - 5:18 p.m.

I am going to make a cake today. A cake with many, many steps involved including making lemon curd. (because I could buy lemon curd but I have thus far been unable to find it which means I must make it from scratch). I've been craving cake for days now. Looking at pictures of cake all day long wishing I had a cake. Today, tonight, I will have cake.

I am going to Italy in October for that writers workshop. I am very excited.

I have a dragonfly friend. He/she follows me all over the yard these days. It's kind of creeping me out a little bit.

Cat surgery tomorrow.


Need dental floss.

I have one green bean on my green bean plant!!! Well, I have a lot of tiny, tiny beans, but one of them is ready to eat. So I am going to pluck it and mingle it with other (store bought) green beans for dinner tonight. One of us will have a garden grown green bean. But neither of us will know it. Damn. I should know my babies better.

I also have three tiny ears of corn growing on my corn plants. VERY EXCITING. Fresh corn is oddly absent from this country.

So far no tomatoes though. This is driving me crazy. Why can't I grow tomatoes here? We go through something like 16 tomatoes a week so I REALLY need to be able to grow them.

I am fat. Fatter than I have ever been. We bought a scale last night. So now it is a proven fact...that I am fatter than I have ever been. That's okay though...seriously, because I feel better than I have ever felt in my life.

I have to go make cake now.


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