2006-07-26 - 11:09 p.m.


I am still incredibly tired. Summer. Heat. I get like this. I get tired and hungry. Every summer. It's why I gain weight in the summer. Misery makes me hungry and tired.

Today I saw a large spider scurry across my bathroom floor. And a little while later I spent a goodly amount of time scouring the Internet for information on rats. Because I think we have a rat family living out by the garage. And they are CUTE...CUTE RATS and I desperately want them to be something like pack rats or kangaroo rats or something besides a common rat. So I thought if I looked hard enough I would find them to be something extraordinary. But, I think that maybe they are just really cute gray rats. Also, we have more lizards around this year than we did last year. It is like wild kingdom here.

Today I went grocery shopping. Giving the whole 'plan your week in meals' thing a whirl (again). Because in this heat it is getting too hard for me to think. Every night I just think TOAST when it comes time to think about dinner. So I planned a menu. For a week. Fresh and simple things that don't require a lot of cooking. We will see how this goes. I hope I don't end up just making toast for the rest of the week.

Today I stamped my foot at the construction guy working on the house across the street. And he seemed a little perplexed. I people stamp their feet here? Whatever, if they don't, my point was made because he moved the truck that he wasn't going to move and I was able to get in my door.

Also, this morning I watched as the construction guys lost control of this elaborate cement hose thing and shot a river of wet cement all over my neighbors house. NOT the house they are working on. I thought they would get it all cleaned up and that no one would ever notice and that I would know some little secret about what happens during the day when people are at work...but...I noticed later this evening that there is still a very visable spray of cement on the wall. That can't be good. Poor neighbors. A while back these same construction guys backed right up into their huge flower pots in front of their door and broke them.

Today I swam fifty laps. Which is like swimming 15 laps in a regular pool. Our pool is rather small. But 50 laps kicks my ass.

Also, today I heard an American in the grocery store. It was obvious that he didn't think anyone could understand him because he kept loudly proclaiming everything in the store "crap" and telling his daughter to "put that crap down" every time she picked something up.

I've been getting the feeling lately that people know things they aren't telling me about.

An old friend from way way back sent me pictures today. They made me laugh. And the interesting thing was that Eric said "You haven't changed AT ALL" when he saw these pictures and when I showed him a picture of me when I was 24 he couldn't believe it was me. Said it looked nothing like me. But from birth until I was 18 apparently I looked just like myself.

That is all. I keep sneezing. I hate to sneeze. But not as much as I hate hiccoughs. I used to get them every time I ate peaches and because of that I have hated peaches, peach anything scent, flavor, color, since I was about 8. Hiccoughs make me crazy. I think that someday I will die of hiccoughs. I don't even know how to spell it.

My husband is downstairs playing with this lump he has on his head. He is sure it is an aneurism and that he is going to drop dead at any minute. I think it's just a lump-ish thing.

Really, that is all.


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