2006-07-18 - 10:53 p.m.

I am my granmother's granddaughter. That is why I have not worn my most favorite ever skirt that I bought a couple weeks ago yet. Because it is rather transparent and that just won't do for me. My grandmother would have had a heart attack if I wandered around in a skirt that was rather see through. Never mind that everyone else is doing it these days. Anyway...for the past two weeks I have been looking for a slip. A half slip to be precise. So I can wear my skirt. And I cannot find anything even resembling a slip. Anywhere. This is ridiculous. Do they even make them anymore? Am I really going to have to buy a slip on E-bay? Really?

Anyway. Today I had popcorn for dinner. I feel TERRIBLE now. I had popcorn because I am wallowing in misery. Popcorn and movies sometimes makes me feel better...sometimes it makes me feel worse.

I am miserable because it's hot. Yeah, I know, everyone is hot and I have a swimming pool so I should shut up. But holy cow...I LONG for snow. LONG FOR IT. THIS YEAR I AM GOING TO SEE SNOW. I am miserable because of this fiesta shit. Actually, I am more than miserable about it. I have been wandering around muttering, "This is fucking BULLSHIT!" for the past few days. I am miserable because Eric is in Ibiza and I miss him. I should have gone with him and just stayed in the hotel room. I really feel as though I have not seen him at all since last year. I can't wait to have just one normal month. Where he goes to work five days a week and comes home for lunch and dinner and we spend weekends together and go to the gym or for run/walks on weekday evenings. Go to our little pub and get veggie burgers and grande Paulaners. Get bored. I want to get bored with my husband!!!! PLEASE. Then we can be bored and want to go away for a weekend and that would be GOOD!!! LET'S GET BORED!!!!

It's hot.

I am going to watch movies in bed now.


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