2006-07-16 - 12:24 p.m.

Bubba the cat started life out as Diamond (still his official name). I started calling him D. for a number of years, then Diablo and finally I settled on Bubba. Because Bubba fits. However, Eric has now taken to calling him Hank. And I think Hank might fit even better than Bubba.


Yesterday we went shopping at the (horror horror) mall. Because it is sale time here. Somehow I ended up getting hardly anything. And the only store I did buy anything from was H&M, which is just pretty pathetic. (again and again I will say that H&M t-shirts fit me better than any other t-shirt in the I bought a few yesterday.)Eric did much better than I did. He finally got some shorts (he's been living with one pair of shorts for the last couple years!) and some short sleeved shirts. And, a disco shirt. A really ridiculous (but cool) disco shirt. He was very excited. He's cute.

Last night I had a beer. And then poured another when I finished the first. And...I didn't drink the second. In fact, it is still sitting here on the table next to me this morning. I should probably go dump it out. Why didn't I drink it?? So weird.

Busy week this week. I don't even want to talk about it.

Green beans are very full of vitamins. I never knew that. I always thought they were one of those tasty but kinda useless vegetables (like eggplant). Lately I can't get enough green beans in my system so I decided to look up the nutritional info to find out what it was I am lacking. And man, they are just packed with stuff. Especially vitamin K. I must need vitamin K. And that makes sense because the other day I discovered three (GASP!!!!!) spider veins on my right thigh.

Anyway. This is a really horrible entry and I don't even know why I am writing it. I am currently in am "I hate Whisper" phase. I am annoying myself again. I wish that I could be hero material.

That is all. I am going to sun myself silly now.


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