2006-07-01 - 1:02 p.m.

I have a lot of airplane dreams. Never good ones...nope. But usually the dreams don't take place in any one particular locale. Except for my Hawaiian aiplane dreams. I've had probably six airplane dreams in which I am either flying into or out of Hawaii. The difference in the Hawaiian airplane dreams is that we are never sure whether we are going to crash or not. The airplane is always flying very low over the ground and the ground never looks like Hawaii. It's very odd. I don't know why I dream of Hawaii and airplane crashes. I am scientific about dreams. I think they are an outlet for things your mind needs more time processing and coping. So what is my deal with Hawaii? And the flying low over the ground? (this is a reoccuring theme in my airplane dreams, the flying low over the ground. Though sometimes it is at a very high speed and sometimes it's at a very low speed.)


I am spending the day at the pool today. It's fucking hot. Last night was one of those evenings where I was sweating massive amounts just from walking from one room to another. Eric kept calling to ask me about things I've requested from the U.S. and by the third phone call with the phone sliding off my face I'd had it. I actually took a shower and washed my hair at midnight. This is something I never do. Yes, I take a bath every night before bed but I never take a shower and wash my hair. I just felt gross. So today. Today I am in the pool. All day. I don't care how fried I get. Not today. Also, I have a new T.C. Boyle book that I can't put down. I love T.C. Boyle. I think he might be my new second favorite author. Philip Roth occupied that spot for a long time...until I got through all his books (with the exception of his newest) and was so utterly sick of him that I almost cringe when I think about reading another of his books. And Paul Auster held the spot for a longer time, and still holds it though I am beginning to think T.C. is going to take it. Paul Auster appeals to me in solitude...when I have nothing else on my mind but solitude. Lately though I've been wanting to think and be about more than just solitude.

Which reminds me...I am going to plan a party. Yikes. The last party I planned was in 1994 before I was even 21. My main concern for that party was to figure out who was going to buy our alcohol. This time I am worried about what kind of fancy and impressive food I can make that will withstand the heat. Having a party will please my husband to no end. This is not the reason I am doing it though. That is just a benefit of it. I am doing it for two reasons. One, I am planning it for the night of our villages festa major. Remember that? The time they set the stage up in front of our front door and then had a an ALL NIGHT DISCO in front of our house. If you can't beat 'em join 'em. There will be hundreds, if not thousands, of people around here that weekend anyway, so I might as well have my own party. Also, having a party that weekend kind of saves me from entertaining. If people get bored they can just go to the party on the street. Reason 2...we have many people to thank for their help with the robbery crap. According to Eric's boss, the best way to thank people in Europe is to invite them to your home. So, invite them I will.

Back to pool now.


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