2006-06-02 - 3:20 p.m.

I am alone. For two days. Eric went to Paris to get Amy for me. The original plan had been for the two of us to drive up there today, have dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant in Saint Germaine-en-Laye, spend the night, get Amy in the morning, get back in the car, drive six hours south, stay in a castle and then on Sunday drive the rest of the way back here.

And then Eric found a ticket to Paris for 166 euros. Which is way less expensive than driving there. And anyway, he half needed to go to his Paris office for some things. And anyway anyway...I wasn't real keen on leaving the house for three days. The fact that Squishy Cat is just seeming to come around to normaltude and I don't want to disrupt that aside...four eleven hours road trips in two weeks (because we have to take her back to Paris on the 18th) just doesn't wholly appeal to me. Also, some quiet time alone for a couple days might be just what I need. However...I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping in the last month and last weekend Eric went out all night and I, no matter how much I wanted to, could not fall asleep alone. We will see how it goes tonight. Not sleeping for two days could totally fuck up my alone quiet time.

I did take on a project though. I am finally painting the kitchen. We never received permission from the owner of this house to paint...we asked, but requests and questions we have go through no less than two other parties before they reach him. I suspect my painting question never reached him. Anyway...even if he doesn't want us painting...he can't argue. The walls in the kitchen have been drilled through, patched, flooded and so on. Anything is better than what they are now. So if I don't sleep at least I can work on my painting project. When Eric goes to the U.S. at the end of the month I am going to tackle the living room. I cannot live with orange walls any longer. Orange walls are stupid.

Last night I made baked fennel. I saw a fennel bulb at the vegetable market and it looked intriguing. And it was intriguing. I think I will go on a fennel kick now. If anyone has let me know. I also made mashed potatoes. (and other stuff...seitan with a-1 and green was like a vegetarian meat and potatoes kind of dinner)

Mother...if you are reading this do not read any further.

So yeah, the mashed potatoes.

I boiled the potatoes and when they were cooked I poured them into the strainer and something fell off the handle of the pot I boiled them in. This something fell right into the steaming potatoes in the strainer. It kind of fell between two potatoes so I had to push them aside to see what it was. And there...slowly burning to death...was a SLUG. I started gagging. The worst part about it was that apparently when a slug slowly burns to death from sitting on a recently boiled potato it releases this impossible is not describable..the slime. Needless to say I dumped the whole thing (after extracting the slug and throwing him out the window, slime and all, I couldn't bear to bury him with the instrument of his death) in the garbage and started over after washing the pot and the strainer with bleach and boiling water. The funny thing was that when this occured I was talking to my mother on the phone and I had to totally suppress my grossed outedness...because my mother hates slugs more than anything else. Had I told her what was going on she probably would have had to be put in a mental institution. My mother also hates bandaids. When we were kids we used to torment her with them. I remember sticking a whole bunch of them to the window once.


Speaking of bandaids. Yesterday Eric and I went to Carrefour to get paint and light bulbs (okay, so we went to get paint and light bulbs and some odds and ends food wise...and we walked out of there having spent $300...we are so so so so so so so so bad.). I've been eyeing this pair of shoes for about a month now. They are totally pink wedges with felt flowers...but oh...they are wonderful. So finally yesterday I relented...decided I could get them...and I picked up a pair of 39's and...there was a fucking bandaid in them. So I put that pair down and picked up another and THAT pair had dirt and mud encrusted in the tread. Finally Eric found me two 39's that looked untouched and we bought them. I now have hot pink wedge shoes with felt flowers. And they are really uncomfortable. Which would probably explain why people keep buying them and then returning them.

Back to my painting project now.

It's very pretty here in Spain right now. It hasn't really rained in a long time so it is really dry and most of the greenery is brown now...but it hasn't been extremely hot yet and the wind...oh the is lovely. All I want to do is walk and breathe.


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