2006-05-25 - 1:18 p.m.

It's after one in the afternoon. Except for walking downstairs twice for coffee and cereal, I've been sitting here for two hours now. This is what I do when I have lost life energy. I sit here. I read news, find something I want to know more about (today it was tigers and how to make tubetop sundresses), and do a whole lotta searching the web for information (lots of tiger stuff, nothing about how to make tubetop sundresses). After I tire of that I settle into e-bay. Today I was looking for tubetop sundresses and beaded purses.

I can't sit here much longer. I have to get up and get dressed and get going because YET AGAIN the electrician guy will be here at three. He's been here for over a week now. It's insane. Every day for the last two weeks Eric and I have been ending our day by saying with relief, "One more day of this, just one more day," and then the next day, when the electrician or alarm guy or whoever says, "Hasta manana," when they are leaving we stare at one another in disbelief. It is just not possible that installing an alarm, motion lights and adding new electrical lines could take this long. It's really not possible.


We've been using the alarm for the last three nights now. It seems to be okay. It hasn't gone off yet (I am not really expecting it to go off because of a break-in, I am expecting it to go off because of cats or because I wake in the middle of the night and forget that I can't leave the room) and that is good. I think I might have actually slept last night. I remember waking briefly at 5:30 to throw Bubba out of the room and I remember Eric waking me up when he left for work, but other than that, I think I slept. I still hate the alarm though. I really hate it.

Tomorrow is Friday. I CANNOT believe it. I had been planning to have this entire week to myself, getting the house back together, resting, being able to go to the gym or at least for a walk (okay, so there really is nothing stopping me from doing any of this, I could fit them in...for sure...but you know how it is when someone is working in your house...I get all disconnected feeling)...but...instead it's just been another week of the same old. I can't wait for this to all be over. If that guy says hasta manana today when he leaves I am going to CRY.

We leave in a week for Paris to get Amy. I can't believe that. I can't believe that just days after she got her ticket and I thought, "okay, I have a month before she gets here," we got robbed and everything since then has been pure chaos and interruption. I hope she knows that when we finally get back here we are spending a few days sitting in chairs staring at walls. Whisper needs some down time.

But also, I need to get the fuck out of this house. Except for three grocery store visits and a walk down the hill to return some movies I have not left the house in three weeks. That is not good. Usually that sort of thing doesn't bother me...but for some reason right now it is. Probably because right now the house is the source of my discomfort.

I would really like to have strep throat right now.

That is all.

I have to get dressed now.


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