2006-05-18 - 11:56 a.m.

Oh well. Right now I am sitting here…it’s 11 in the morning, I had another crappy night (though for once it did not have to do with me waking up thinking I heard someone break into the house) of sleep. I would like nothing more right now than to have my big white squishy bed here, a rainy day and a fever so I can sleep and sleep and sleep. It’s too bad my big white squishy bed is in Fort Wayne resting in storage, it never rains here (seriously, right now it is way worse in terms of being dry than it was last year when I arrived and last year was the worst drought in 120 years….this cannot bode well for the coming summer) and even though I’ve been drinking copious amounts of alcohol in order stay rather numb and have not been sleeping…there doesn’t seem to be any inkling of illness within me (other than the alcoholism that will surely consume me if I don’t knock it off with this copious drinking shit.).

This house is destroyed. I mean, totally. I haven’t been able to really clean in over a week and there is dust all over everything from the alarm guy drilling through walls. I have half a thought to drag everything out into the yard and hose it down. I did that once in Vicksburg, but that was a much smaller house. Much smaller. But that’s what I feel like doing. Clearing the house, hosing it down, starting over.

I hate thieves.

Things would have been much better…this whole break-in thing would have likely been almost forgotten at this point…if the thievery here wasn’t so rampant. The day after our house and a few others in our neighborhood had been broken in to, a day when the police were here making reports and everyone was swarming about in a tizzy, the thieves CAME BACK, in broad daylight, and stole a car from one of our neighbors. Also, that day we heard news that thieves had hit Sitges and other towns around here and that in a couple cases the victims had been assaulted. Okay. So we were a little more scared and a little more grateful that our thieves had been the type who obviously didn’t want anything to do with encountering people. (They hadn’t gone into any rooms that had closed doors and they were marvelously quiet, the only thing I heard was when they popped the window open and ignored it thinking it the wind.) I was very thankful that I had not gone downstairs to investigate the sound when I heard it, but I get the impression that the type of thieves that hit our house would have ran had I come down the stairs. This is something I do not want to test though because there is also the other kind of thieves…the ones that will get violent if their thievery is compromised. ANYWAY…yeah, so then the thieves came back another night…so then it was three out of five days that our tiny village had been the victim of thieves. Until that last time I had been against the alarm, I was actually going to have Eric cancel the installation of it. I hate the thought of an alarm. I don’t know that I can live with this alarm. But you know, after three nights of break-ins in your village of 20 or so houses, there really isn’t a choice. So we got the alarm.

The other day a band of 67 thieves was caught.

Overnight thieves (here in Spain they the slang-ish term for robbers is chorizo) had robbed 20 houses in Barcelona in the course of ONE HOUR.

Last week another band of robbers was caught.

There are a whole lotta robbers around here.

That’s scary.

Also...their stealing just a few things from us has resulted in this huge cascade of chaos and unrest. We can’t sleep. We’ve had people in our house all day and into the night for the better part of a week now…insurance people, police, people to quote the alarm system, someone to quote motion lights and adding another electrical line so we can have the alarm system without having a power crash every day, people to quote adding bars to the windows, people attempting to pick up the car (this took a couple tries, the first time the tow truck wouldn’t fit down our street, the second time they realized that they couldn’t get the car because it was in gear AND had the emergency brake on so then a key had to be ordered just to get into the car so we could get it on the tow truck to get it to the dealer so they could change the locks. The key had to be ordered from Germany. Crazy.), locksmiths to change our door locks in the house, people to install the alarm, the bars, the motion lights, the electricity…oh my god. It’s been so much stuff. And there are trips to the consulate in Barcelona to get Eric’s new passport and now this afternoon after the alarm guy comes AGAIN (something is apparently wrong with it) we have to go get the car finally and return the rental car and FUCK, when am I going to clean the house?? Or go to the gym, I just want to go to the gym right now.

Argh. I want this over.

We are also kind of looking for a house in crappy Muskegon Michigan. During the day I am completely against the idea of moving back to crappy Muskegon…during the day I am okay-ish…thinking things can get back to normal around here, that I won’t be so overwhelmed with language and this and that and that maybe I would like to try living in France when this Spain thing is over…but then comes the night and more news of robbers and more stuff to deal with and a total loss of comprehension about what is going on because I was too lazy and caught up in my own personal crisis of being to learn this language (though Eric, who has learned the language, has had a really difficult time this week with communication so maybe even if I had learned it I would have still been fucked) and I am sure that I just want to be back in my own country where listening to a man explain how to use your new alarm doesn’t take more concentration than you have ever had to use in your life. Plus, I would really like some Morningstar Farms breakfast patties right now. France doesn’t have them either. (France has other things though that make up for the lack of Morningstar Farms breakfast patties.)

I really don’t know if I want to live in crappy Muskegon though. It would be kind of nice to be close to Lake Michigan. But still. Muskegon is kinda crappy.

Oh anyway. I gave myself until noon to be on the computer…now it is noon and I have to go get ready for more people in the house.


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